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Our Products

SOLUX® offers widest ranges of Superb- Energy- Saving Window Film

Which bring outstanding levels of energy efficiency

Variety of Advanced Window Film in different grade, colours and shades is available. From the highest possible clear vision to light & dark shade, you can choose a look for your Automobile, Residential, Commercial & Industrial gazing system that truly complements your personality.


SOLUX® Advanced Product Range:

  • Colour Stable crystal clear Colour Film
  • High Performance Non-Fade Film
  • Visual acuity Low Reflectance Heavy Metal Film
  • Dual Low Reflectance High Performance Film
  • Sputtering High Heat Rejection Film
  • High Heat Rejection - Ceramic IR Spectrally Selective Films
  • Safety & Security Film


SOLUX® Product Feature:

  • High Heat Rejection, reduce 60% ~ 99% of solar heat radiation • Anti-Glare, maximum glare reduction
  • Anti-Scratch, durable scratch-resistant surfaces
  • Increase Safety & added privacy to you and your valuables
  • Blocks 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Improve the comfort of driving & staying cool
  • Lower carbon emission, reducing energy expenditure.